5 Things That Make Me Happy — Focusing on the Positive, Not the Negative

There’s a whole lot of negativity going on right now — CeCe being assaulted and then charged with murder, all of the stuff going down in Boystown right now, and millions of other situations to which I don’t have a direct connection and emotional investment. It all makes it hard to feel positive about society. And so, instead of blogging myself even deeper into a “the world is awful” mentality, I decided that I’m going to focus on positive things.

1. CeCe has been moved out of solitary confinement and into the psychiatric unit! Of course I’d be more pleased to hear that charges against her were dropped and that she were allowed to go home. However, it’s definitely good news that her requests to be transferred out of solitary have been granted. Once again, you can learn about how to support CeCe here.

2. It looks like POOR Magazine’s Homefulness project is happening! Very exciting — I posted about Homefulness last year, and now it seems that it will be realized.

3. The United States Sentencing Commission has decided to “apply the Fair Sentencing Act guidelines retroactively to those currently serving sentences for crack cocaine charges.” Those guidelines lowered the ridiculous disparity in sentencing between crack cocaine and powder cocaine from 100:1 to 18:1. And the Sentencing Commission’s decision means that those serving absurdly long sentences for crack cocaine may benefit from the Fair Sentencing Act guidelines.

4. Dyke March Chicago — I wish I’d been there, but it makes me happy to hear that over 1,500 people were there. It sounds fantastic — what the Pride Parade should be. To quote their website

We think of ourselves as community-led grassroots mobilization and celebration of dyke, queer, and transgender resilience. We work to be anti-racist, anti-violent effort with a goal of bringing together communities across multiple identities and generations.

5. There’s a Mermaid Name Generator, which goes right to my Pisces-y mermaid heart. My name is Glimmer Harbour Loner. I like it. Just call me Glimmer. 

One response to “5 Things That Make Me Happy — Focusing on the Positive, Not the Negative

  1. I’m Pearl Equitorial Singer! How appropriate!

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