Favorite Parts of the 2011 Tony Awards

I have been showing everyone a handful of clips from this year’s Tony Awards — “I Believe” from The Book of Mormon, Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris doing their little mock battle/duet, and NPH’s closing rap. I think they are just so fabulous. I loved this year’s Tony Awards. 

I cannot get the song “I Believe,” from The Book of Mormon, out of my head. Andrew Rannells is so talented; he has such an amazing voice. As Elder Price, he’s earnest and sweet, but despite that — or perhaps because of that — he’s hilarious. I love the combination of gorgeous music and unexpected (and/or slightly inappropriate) lyrics.

I also adored Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris singing together. I’m partial to NPH, but I thought they worked really well together, and it was really funny.

The cast of Memphis was great, and the young people were adorable. The students brought a really fresh element to the more formal awards show atmosphere.

And lastly, NPH’s closing rap was pretty much epic. Love him. (And major props to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tommy Kail, as I heard they actually wrote it.) I really liked how the end of it felt like spoken word — passion and emotion, and that message about the importance of live theatre. I love NPH; I love the Tony Awards; I love Broadway.

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