Darren Criss and Apple Juice: So Freaking Adorable

I adore Darren Criss. There are few actors, singers, or celebrities I love more. He’s talented. He’s gorgeous. He’s so sweet, funny, and charismatic in interviews. And there’s this element of slightly off-the-wall randomness that makes his interview a lot of fun because I’m never sure what he’s going to say. I’m not the only one who thinks so: he has an utterly devoted following — fans of Starkid Productions and A Very Potter Musical, fans of Glee, fans of his music. He’s also incredibly humble and endearing to his fans, as the following video shows.

Dole apple juice? Not so good. You know what is f—ing delicious? Minute Maid apple juice. That’s where it’s at. No disrespect to Dole: they’ve been very good to me my whole life. But for some reason, their apple juice is not on par with Minute Maid.

So, this person from the Darren Appreciation Project was wandering around the streets of Toronto because she’d heard that Heather Morris was roaming around Toronto. She proceeds to find Darren Criss and a few of the Warblers actors, who were in a rush to go bike riding and still talked with her and her friends for ten minutes. She gave him a book of Darren-related stuff (like I said, devoted fans) and homemade cookies, and he was so adorable about it all. The person apologized for bothering him; his response? “You’re not bothering me. Stop that. You’re not bothering me at all.”

He’s just pretty much my favorite famous person (cast of Doctor Who included), despite the fact — or perhaps because of it — that he doesn’t act like a celebrity. From what I can tell, he’s definitely the type of celebrity that I’d want to have as a friend, not the type I only find somewhat interesting and/or attractive. Seeing Darren videos and photos online always makes me smile.

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