PeterDangerNoble’s Glitter and Lipstick traces. A summary of my Toilet Revolution

I was sitting on the beach, looking out over the water when a very curious and ridiculously adorable young person peeked out over the side of the bench.
“How come youre dressed like that? BOYS are supposed to wear ties and vests”
I smiled.
“Well, sometimes people are more than just boys or girls.” I replied.
Suddenly this little creature staring up at me got very serious. Eyes wide and lips trembling, it formed a question…
“Like faeries?” it held its breath
And this is it, this was the moment when everything clicked for both of us. I reached down to the pouch on my belt. I grabbed a pinch of my glitter and i leaned down…
“Exactly like faeries.” A wink and a blow.

PeterDangerNoble wrote an post for Genderqueer Chicago a few years ago regarding the Toilet Revolution, and it was wonderful. I’ve included several of my favorite parts to begin and end this post. The Toilet Revolution, according to the Genderqueer Chicago blog, was “a city-wide theatre event intended to challenge gendered bathrooms and the policing of gender non-conforming people who get accosted when trying to pee.” 

As someone who identifies as trans, gendered restrooms are always a source of stress, filling me with anxiety about which to use, worries about what people will think, and fear regarding whether my choice will cause conflict or confrontation. It’s hard to not think about the numerous trans and gender-variant people who have been assaulted verbally, attacked physically, or (illegally) arrested for using a particular gendered restroom.

At the same time, sometimes using a certain restroom can be empowering. Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be scary. And sometimes, every now and again, unexpectedly good things happen.

I use a “ladies room”.
“I read about this. Toilet theater, right?”
you’ve got to be kidding.
“Um…yeah…HI, Im Peter.”
“Yeah, my friend made me read that blog. You know what? Im gonna hit the ladies room right now. Good luck, Peter.”
He leaves me flabbergasted.

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