Using Restrooms In (Relative) Safety

I’ve been a bit pressed for time this week and last, due to my new 40-hour-a-week job and 70 mile roundtrip commute each day. So, today’s going be a brief little post highlighting a couple cool restroom-related websites. I’ve posted time and time again about how dangerous public restrooms can be for trans and gender non-conforming folks, how unnecessary it is that restrooms are gendered, and how terrifying and infuriating restroom-policing can be when I’m out with friends. Here are a few projects that try to address these problems. 

The Trans-Friendly Bathrooms Initiative is something about which I personally feel very warm and fuzzy. My very beloved Genderqueer Chicago has supported it: members of GqC have actually been directly involvedwith organizing the initiative. To quote the Wikipage, “We’re asking hundreds of businesses and organizations to sign a pledge to make their public restrooms safe and welcoming for people of all genders. . . .” There is a list online of participating businesses and organizations, and each business receives an awesome and colorful decal so that people can recognize them.

For those not in Chicago, is an online directory of public restrooms that can be searched by address (and set to only include ones that are accessible, gender neutral, and/or free) or browsed by city. It’s not as personal as Chicago’s new Trans-Friendly Bathrooms Initiative (and no pledges are signed), but it’s a great resource.

And there we have it! A bit of positivity is good for the soul.

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