Caitlin Heaney: Talented Singer/Songwriter and YouTube Performer

You should all check out my friend Caitlin’s YouTube channel at CaitlinHeaneyMusic. She’s got a fantastic voice, and she also plays piano and guitar. She writes her own songs and music, as well as singing really great covers of a wide variety of songs (she’s very talented). I haven’t heard her sing in person in years, but I always love watching one of music videos on YouTube. 

My absolute favorite of her videos is “Missing You,” although I listen to it infrequently because it tends to make me cry. She wrote it about a beloved teacher from our former high school who died, and she played it in the video in memory of a high school friend who had also recently passed away. The song, and her performance of it, is incredible.

Another favorite original song is “Moments of Motion.” There’s something almost ethereal about it. It tells a story, and yet there’s an element of mystery to it that always makes me want to know who the dancer is. The lyrics are unique and interesting, and as always, Caitlin sounds beautiful.

“I Know the Truth” — Caitlin actually sang this song as Princess Amneris in our high school’s production of Aida in 2009. The emotion in her voice sends chills down my back in the best way possible. Also, doesn’t she look stunning?

“Gotta Be Somebody” is one of many songs Caitlin has introduced me to through her covers of them, some more famous than others. She sings covers of other people’s songs with such emotion that I almost feel like they’re her songs; it feels as though she’s telling her own story with their words.

2 responses to “Caitlin Heaney: Talented Singer/Songwriter and YouTube Performer

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  2. Dear Caitlin,
    Thank you SO much for singing and recording the song Oh Danny Boy on YouTube.
    I danced to your lovely voice with my son Daniel on his wedding day.
    Afterwards, many people stopped me and told me how wonderful it was and how they had cried!
    God bless you for making me so happy!

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