Two Months On T and My First Video

I started on T exactly two months ago today — the 2nd of June, 2011. The biggest change thus far has definitely been to my voice. And since it is rather difficult to express, in writing, what my voice sounds like, I thought I would post a video on YouTube so that you can hear what my voice sounds like. 

This is what I sound like now:

I never liked listening to myself on recordings because I always thought I sounded so young, so I can’t really compare what I sound like now to what I sounded like before. However, in the course of normal life, I think my voice sounds different — what do you think?

Also, here is my very first video post (to give the second one just a titch of context). Incidentally, I always knew that I rambled a lot, but actually listening to myself ramble is quite the experience. Eep. I should probably work on being more concise, but since this has fared me pretty well over the years (and it’s not for anything serious), I may just let myself speak as I will.

I hope you like these little snippets of video posts! I’ve never done anything like it before, so it was a fun experience to try.

6 responses to “Two Months On T and My First Video

  1. I can totally see the difference in your face, too!

  2. Ryan, you definitely have a noticeably deeper voice here, probably about like mine, which I’ve been told is a tenor, but since I dont sing I know nothing about such things. Your voice was quite high previously, there is a real drop in tone here. You must be excited!

  3. Out of curiosity, do you have a ‘before’ video? I realize that we may never actually have had a real conversation while we were at school, and so my basis for comparison is very limited. That said, it’s wonderful that you’re beginning to notice changes! So often we’re the last people to notice changes in ourselves, while they can seem much more apparent to the people around us, and the fact that this isn’t the case for you, and during a really important and meaningful transition, is just awesome!

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