I Found A Job!

After applying for jobs in Minnesota for the past four months, I have finally been offered a (non-temporary) job! I heard yesterday that I’ve passed my background check and fingerprints test, so I should be all set. I’m really relieved to hear about the job, especially since it means that I can now start making plans for the next year, given that I’ll know where I will be living. 

I am of slightly mixed feelings regarding this new job. It starts this fall. I’ll need to stay for at least a year before I can responsibly look to transfer (and/or leave) and move to Chicago, which means that I’ll be in Minnesota for the next year. And while there are many good things about being in the Twin Cities, that also means that I’ll not be able to move back to Chicago for over a year. As I continually hear about amazing things going on in Chicago — and since I really miss the friends and community I’ve made there — that’s really hard.

On the other hand, I will have a job! And not just a job, but a steady job that pays decently. And in this economy, that’s seriously something for which to be thankful. The commute is much shorter than the one I’m currently undertaking (closer to half an hour’s drive than a full hour); it’s also closer to Minneapolis. It promises a reliable forty hours a week, which is something most restaurant serving and retail jobs don’t offer. It isn’t canvassing (which is something at which I’m absolutely terrible). It’s in an office, which will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Perhaps best of all, it will allow me to save up to move back to Chicago, and it will help me to pay for top surgery. It will afford me a fair amount of financial stability independent from my parents, which I haven’t had for a while. And hopefully, it will help boost my resume so that I’ll be better positioned to find a job the next time I’m looking for one.

All in all, especially when I think about long-term prospects, I think that getting this job will be a good thing. It’s not my dream job (it’s not my dream field, for that matter), but I’m twenty-three — with a bit of luck, there will be plenty of time for me to figure that out. And until then, this should lay a good foundation for my future plans.

5 responses to “I Found A Job!

  1. I’m proud of you for taking the responsible view, although I know you wish the job was in Chicago. This should definitely make it easier and more financially feasible for you to move back to Chicago in a year or so. And then you can stay there for the rest of your life if you so desire-I think its worth it to save up the money, get the top surgery instead of having to wait longer, and move forward with your life. Hugs dude!

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