Wonderwall: Bryn Mawr, Lake Michigan, and Alex Goot

I love the song “Wonderwall.” And as I was listening to Alex Goot’s cover of it the other day, I started getting nostalgic. From BMC to Chicago, I have a lot of good memories of “Wonderwall.”

I first became attached to “Wonderwall” at Bryn Mawr when the Night Owls (one of our a cappella groups) sang their interpretation of Ryan Adams’ version of the song. It’s gorgeous. It’s much more chill than the Oasis version (to use a phrase I once heard at a Night Owls concert), but that only adds to the heart-felt sincerity of it.

Then there was a late-night guitar sing-a-long by Lake Michigan last fall. After the GqC open mic night at The Kitchen Sink, a group of friends and I walked down to a beach by Lake Michigan. One of my friends had a guitar, so we sat around by the lake singing and laughing and running down to the water (it was cold, if anyone is curious). It was so much fun — “Wonderwall” was great, even as we forgot the words and needed to look up the lyrics on our phones.

I’d love to be able to do that — playing guitar with my friends to sing along. I even bought a guitar last summer in hopes of one day being able to do so. There’s something about sitting around, relaxing with friends, and singing along with a guitar that just seems particularly wonderful to me, and it takes a particular kind of song to work well with that. “Wonderwall” is one of those songs.

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