What’s the best news that you could receive right now?

That I’ve just won one of the big $300 million Powerball lotteries — I can have top surgery at the end of August; I can pay off my friends’ law school loans (and surgery loans, undergrad loans, all kinds of loans); I could fund law school for myself (or possibly grad school for gender studies, something I’ve barely considered because of the cost and low likelihood of being able to find a relevant job). I could move back to Chicago!

I could donate big money to TJLP (that kind of money could make TJLP sustainable, right?) and GenderJUST and the Chicago Women’s Health Center . . . and Bryn Mawr and the Minnesota Trans Health Coalition and even my old high school (get them to name our theatre after our beloved director and tech director?). I could buy an iPad and a digital SLR camera and dozens of books that I’ve been eying. I could see Darren Criss in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. I could take my cousins to Korea and visit my other cousin in Belize. I could see every show on Broadway!

In terms of other, less specific news? That I’ve been found a near-perfect job in Chicago — one that pays really well, is not just not problematic but is in fact really fierce, and for which I am completely qualified. And that said job is being held for me specifically and will teach me important skills and give me good work experience. Also, a great apartment has been found for me, in a neighborhood in which I want to live, and it’s all ready for me just after I recover from top surgery (that I will be able to pay for with . . . an advance from the job?).

And in terms of really big-picture, borderline more theoretical than actual, news? That everyone involved with the criminal legal system, the judicial systems, the prison industrial complex, and the police departments have seen the error of their ways and have decided that a radical restructuring of justice and the law in this country must happen (including deep and critical analysis of racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenaphobia, etc.). And then a really fierce group of people (many of whom I’ve blogged about previously) will be called in to brainstorm ways to approach this whole mess.

And if we were to veer off into really unrealistic “poof! and it all just magically changes” sorts of news, I would like to be told that the world no longer has issues of racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, religious intolerance of any kind, ableism, classism, and any other form of hatred, fear, mistrust, and prejudice toward other groups of people. The prison industrial complex doesn’t exist. Everyone is capable of having a rewarding, challenging job that allows them dignity and the ability to comfortably support themselves and their families, if they have families. No one commits violence toward anyone else (by which I don’t mean to condemn consentual BDSM, by the way). All systems of oppression have somehow been eliminated, and the world is a radically different place.

Obviously, I’d prefer to hear that the majority of the world’s problems are solved. But since that would be impossible to have happen with just one change, I think the next best thing might be a winning lottery ticket — that’s something that could easily actually happen because it’s just a matter of chance, not a matter of changing institutions, or social systems, or people’s minds (even if the odds are ridiculously low). Maybe the Powerball would be excessive (and bring with it a ton of publicity and other problems), but it’d be pretty great to win enough money to (after all of the taxes are taken care of) pay for living in Chicago, paying off my friends’ loans, funding additional education for me, and giving enough to really make a substantial difference to a number of amazing organizations. Being able to see Broadway shows and buy books would be awesome, but the other things are the really important ones to me.

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