To Be A Squirrel

I think it could be really cool to be a squirrel. Not forever, of course (I rather like being a human), but it would be awesome to be able to turn into a squirrel at will. Oh, sure, other animals might be more exciting (owl, cheetah, seal), but every time I see a squirrel scampering here or there, I reflect for a second on how fun it would be. There’s something about the tail, I think. Plus, they’re cute and furry.

Squirrels also climb trees really well. And they can climb down as well — literally down, with their heads closer to the ground than the rest of their bodies. Humans can’t do that. Well, most of us can’t; I imagine there might be some people who could.

I’d love to have a squirrel’s balance — the way they race around trees and fling themselves from branch to branch amazes me.

One response to “To Be A Squirrel

  1. Just stay out of my bird feeders

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