I’m Keeping My Oxford Comma!

I’ll admit it: I’m that person. I care about my punctuation. I couldn’t read more than the first few sentences of The Color Purple. I’ll say things like “ze is the person for whom this was designed” or “this is the book for which I was waiting.” Although I break grammatical rules all the time, it’s always intentional. But dang it, I’m keeping my Oxford comma; I don’t care if the University of Oxford Writing and Style Guide thinks I should avoid it!

Frankly, I don’t understand why a person would want to not use the Oxford comma. It looks better, and it makes things clear. I’m always going to use it. I will use today as inspiration for my examples of Oxford commas (and to illustrate my determination to use those commas). I drank a freshly made mango margarita, a glass of citrusy white wine, and a cocktail made with St. Germain. I played Qwirkle Cubes, Ms. Pac-Man, and poker. I went jet skiing, threw horseshoes, and participated in an egg toss. I finished a puzzle, completely failed at basketball, and got caught in an utter downpour (seriously, so much rain).

I just don’t understand why a person would want to write a sentence like this: I ate lasagna, bread and salad. Or this: I snacked on pizza, Pringles and chocolate chip cookies. It just looks weird. It doesn’t distinguish enough between the last items in the list.

I am aware that this is a rather trivial detail. Most people don’t care too terribly much about commas, especially not enough to blog about them. But darn it, I like having a comma before the “and” in my lists! I just think it looks better. It’s how I was taught. And I’m going to keep it.

2 responses to “I’m Keeping My Oxford Comma!

  1. My Mom will be so proud. She’s a grammar stickler.

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