Back When It Was Not Called “A Very Potter Musical”

I wish that Darren Chris would show up when I said his name (check out 3:20). That would be totally awesome. So, A Very Potter Musical used to be called Harry Potter: The Musical. And then it went viral, and they got worried about being sued. There’s a kind of hilarious bit around 1:00 where they bleep out anything related to Harry Potter (Azkaban, Hogwarts, Dumbledore) as they toss around titles that they can’t use. The video, by the way, is two of the A Very Potter Musical‘s writers explaining why they took all of the videos down about two years ago — and it ends with Darren Criss singing a song about not wanting to be sued. So fantastic.

The two writers’ conversation: “This video isn’t very funny.” “Ah, no, it’s not very funny, but I feel like it’s really informative.” “I wonder how Darren Criss would’ve done this.”

And then Darren Criss appears with a guitar and starts singing an adorable song about how they’re just fans, and they don’t want to be sued. And it’s really interesting to see him from before he became “Darren Criss from Glee” and was mostly only known by StarKid Production’s following. It’s kind of amazing to think of how far he’s come in the last two years. Also, go check out A Very Potter Musical. It’s so much fun (as literally millions of their fans know).

One response to “Back When It Was Not Called “A Very Potter Musical”

  1. I’m gonna be honest. I had actually never seen A Very Potter Musical before, but I just watched it. Fun times.

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