When I was little, my family had a hammock. I think it was from my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Belize — and it was amazing. It was so comfortable, and I loved it. Sometimes I’d use it for napping (okay, not really — I didn’t nap when I was younger because I didn’t want to waste the day — but I’d lay down in it and just enjoy); sometimes my friends and I would use it as a swing. It eventually went away (I think it wore out), and I miss it. But now I have just discovered the KAMMOK on Kickstarter, and I want one. 

I first found Kickstarter through Gillian Grassie; she’s a Bryn Mawr alum (and very talented independent harpist/singer-songwriter), and she created a Kickstarter project to fund her second album, The Hinter Haus. I backed her project last spring, and then I sort of forgot about Kickstarter until I noticed Jay Very’s Kickstarter project a few days ago. I’m planning on backing his project; I’m just debating at which level I want to pledge. And now that I’m actually employed, browsing through Kickstarter’s seemingly endless projects is very intriguing.

So, the KAMMOK. To quote Kickstarter:

The KAMMOK is a new light-weight camping hammock (or as the cool kids say “kammok”), designed to comfortably sleep one person. The KAMMOK is made of an incredibly strong, yet breathable diamond rip-stop nylon fabric called LunarWave™. Our proprietary fabric is softer than a baby’s backside, easily stows away into a water resistant compression sack about the size of an angry blowfish, and weighs around one pound.

It also has a special suspension system that allows it to be hung pretty much wherever there are two close-ish points that can withstand your weight. I am super excited about the possibility of having a hammock again; I’ve wanted one for a while, but we don’t really have the proper trees for a traditional hammock. This, however, should be perfect.

Potentially even better than the KAMMOK itself is the fact that it seems that I can feel good about funding this project. According to the KAMMOK project, “Our products are intended to take the user to incredible new places while connecting them with a bigger mission. We hope to be a conduit that helps create a culture of people that are passionate about changing the lives of others who are in need, and being good stewards of our resources.” They continue:

After the Kickstarter project is complete, we are committed to giving 20% of all future profits*, for the entire KAMMOK™ brand, to provide aid to those in need. We are currently establishing partnerships with organizations that are committed to humanitarian and environmental initiatives such as: providing bedding & malaria preventing mosquito nets to orphans, clean water initiatives, and holistic/sustainable community developments.

*Once this Kickstarter project is successfully funded, the money raised through your pledges will be used as working capital to meet minimum order quantities and to fulfill your orders. Profits will not be realized for some time after the Kickstarter project – but our hope is sooner, rather than later. The success of this project will lay a foundation for future giving. We are committed to being transparent with our community about how and when we give.

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