Have My First Four Months In Minnesota Gone According To Plan?

Almost exactly four months ago (four months ago yesterday), I wrote up tentative four-month, one-year, and two-year plans for my life. I just rediscovered them, was very surprised to remember that I’d made a four-month plan (and one that ended yesterday), and decided to see how my life currently measures up to those plans. 

Plans from April 23, 2011

My plan for the next year — save up money and get myself back to Chicago. I suppose it should be to carve out my niche in Minneapolis and find community here, but, well, oh well.

Four Month Plan

  1. Find a job with that company with which I interned a few summers ago
  2. Move into an apartment in Minneapolis — I’m thinking Loring Park (Uptown is nice but too pricey. I’d love downtown, but that’s way out of my price range).
  3. Stock my liquor cabinet — Jack Daniels, gin, bitters, triple sec (to go with the Absolut Citron, Smirnoff, Grey Goose La Poire, Bacardi, Bailey’s, umeboshi wine, etc). I can make a Cosmo, a Cape Cod, a Sex On The Beach, a Mojito, and a Peartini. I cannot, however, make anything not sweet (other than straight up vodka, but I don’t even have olives!). That needs to change.
  4. Start exercising regularly
  5. Find a shot clinic (I hate needles) and a doctor
  6. 10% to TJLP (hey, alliteration! well, 5-10%)
  7. Start organizing a GqTC (maybe?)

One Year Plan

  1.  Be able to apply internally for other jobs with that company
  2. Surgery!
  3. First tattoo
  4. Serious Korea trip planning — reserving hotel, etc.
  5. Decide whether to go to law school
Two Year Plan

  1. Have found a job in Chicago and moved back (or go to law school)

Checking In on November 24, 2011
  1. I found a job! With that company, as a matter of fact. It took longer than I’d hoped or planned, but at least it happened. 
  2. I haven’t yet moved into an apartment (I’m currently staying with my family) — I’m doing some serious thinking about the logistics of paying for top surgery and saving for Chicago, and I’m trying to be real about how much that leaves for an apartment in Minneapolis. 
  3. Honestly, my liquor cabinet (well, the contents of it) is packed up right now. And since my parents have a more extensive selection than I have, I’m not really missing it or planning on adding to my collection right now.
  4. I did start exercising regularly . . . and then I found a full-time job with an almost two-hour daily commute, and I stop exercising. I’m going to try again with this new job, though.
  5. The Minnesota Trans Health Coalition’s Shot Clinic is great. It makes me life so much better. And as of yesterday, I have a doctor to monitor my T levels and dosage. 
  6. I’ve been a bit off this summer, but I’ve built it into my budget, which will go into effect with my first paycheck from the non-temp job. 
  7. I think I’m actually going to pass on this one. MTHC already has a support group, and I don’t think I have the time, energy, and dedication to the city that would be required to really start another group.  

The one-year plan is still mostly on track. I’ve scheduled top surgery for November. I’m still planning on getting my first tattoo in Minnesota; I just need to decide when would be best and actually get the design created. I’ve decided that the Korea trip will happen in 2013, and I’m working on the details. Law school . . . that’s still mostly on the back burner.

My intention is currently to apply internally for a job in Chicago in about a year with the company for whom I’ll be working so that I’ll be able to support myself in Chicago (as opposed to moving without a job, which turned out to be not so practical the last time I tried it). After a working there for a year or so in Chicago, I’m hoping to start looking for a job more in line with what I actually want to do (but first, I need to get myself back to Chicago). I’m still fuzzy on the year- and two-year plans, actually, but moving back to Chicago in fourteen months or so is still the foundation of the plan.

All in all, I think I’m doing okay. And despite the fact that I haven’t really looked at the four-month plan since I created it, I think I’ve adapted it to a reasonable extent. Sure, I wish I’d found the job earlier. I wish I lived in Minneapolis (I do miss living both independently in an apartment and in the city, as much as I love my family). More than any of that, I wish that it weren’t going to be another year before I return to live in Chicago. But all things considered, I’m doing well. 

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