Happy Parade Night To All

On Parade Night two years ago, I had my very first Bryn Mawr Tradition and Step Sing as a senior. It was an amazing night. Last year, Parade Night was the first Tradition I missed, and it made me especially miss Bryn Mawr. This year, I am thrilled to be back visiting Chicago, and I spent much of tonight with a fantastic fellow Mawrtyr (the second Mawrtyr I’ve seen since I graduated).

Meeting with a Bryn Mawr friend tonight reminded me how much I love and miss Bryn Mawr. I have been preoccupied with Chicago (missing Chicago, being in Chicago, moving back to Chicago), but underneath it all, my love for Bryn Mawr is still strong.

Parade Night is special because it’s the first Tradition that the frosh ever experience. They have their first Step Sing! (And I love Step Sings.) They debut their class song and parade night song, and the sophomores reveal their parody. If the frosh stay until the end, they are welcomed in Bryn Mawr’s own special way.

I love that Traditions still matter to alums. We know when the Traditions are, even hundreds of miles away. This past year of Traditions (now starting on two years past being at Bryn Mawr), my Facebook newsfeed has been full of pictures and posts about Traditions — from current students and from alums of a variety of years. Traditions may be for the current students, but they’re still alive in our hearts after graduation.

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