Blogging About Prison Abolition

I have referred to prison abolition numerous times on my blog. I have not, however, devoted a post specifically to prison abolition. For a number of reasons, really — how could I condense everything I want to say into one post? There’s also a lot of pressure for that one post to be perfect: it’s an important topic. I want for learning about prison abolition to change people’s minds, people’s worldviews, people’s lives. And I don’t think I’m the person to do that.

I was initially going to interview a friend about it and use that as my blog’s intro to abolition (because really, there’s absolutely no way I could do better than he could about this). But it’s unlikely that would fit into one post either, and anyway, I should say something about the topic myself — it’s not as though I don’t have opinions. The interview will wait until later.

My blog has no real theme or direction. Sometimes, it’s a personal blog. Often, my blog posts have something to do with being trans. Rather frequently, it’s more fluffy — I have a soft spot for blogging about Doctor Who and good food, and blogging about such things is far less emotionally and mentally taxing than blogging about anything serious. Still, if I had the time and/or energy, more of my blog would be devoted to awareness about prison abolition and the prison industrial complex (the PIC).

Frankly, the idea of enough “time and energy” is a little subjective. I think I will have to simply work harder at making the time and finding the energy — and also at letting go of my desire to create the perfect posts. I will not write the world’s most amazing posts about prison abolition and the PIC, but I will write posts, and that will be enough.

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