From Soprano 2 to Tenor 2: I’m Joining a Chorus!

For months, I have considered auditioning for a local LGBTA chorus: I love to sing, and I miss choral singing. Since I started T three months ago, however, my singing voice has changed immensely, which made selecting an audition piece absolutely nerve-wracking (not to mention the actual rehearsing of it and auditioning itself). As of Monday of last week, when I worked on my voice with my former high school choir director, I had a six-note singing range. That’s less than one octave. Nevertheless, I auditioned, and they accepted me!

Although I’ve sung everything from soprano to alto in my many years of choir and a cappella, I’ve been mostly a second soprano (since high school, second soprano exclusively). Of course, the T has lowered my voice a great deal, and I’ve definitely left soprano-land now. My former choir director told me that I’m closer to a tenor now, and the choir has placed me with the second tenors. I am so excited!

I am also a little nervous. I really don’t have much of a range right now, and I haven’t sung in a choral setting in over five years (a cappella is a very different style). The notes I can hit are continually changing. Also, my voice is squeaking all over the place right now.

But, well, I’m in, and we’ll deal with all of that when (and if) it becomes a problem. On the plus side, it will be nice to have something that will ground me a bit, tie me to the community in some way. I’m still returning to Chicago in another year, but it’d be nice to have something stable in my life here (other than my family and my job). Sporadically meeting up with friends from high school and sometimes going to the shot clinic/support group doesn’t really create anything substantial. A weekly obligation might be good for me.

One response to “From Soprano 2 to Tenor 2: I’m Joining a Chorus!

  1. That is so incredibly fabulous! Besides this being a great opportunity for you to work on your voice as it’s changing, I think this will be a great social opportunity for you. I know you found an incredible community in Chicago and MN just hasn’t been the same for you, but singing (something you love doing) in a group full of LGBTA people who also love to sing is exactly what you need to really get out of your shell in the twin cities. Also, now that you have a job and potential friends in the city, this might be the push you need to move out of your parents’ house, something I know you’ve been thinking about doing eventually.

    You have no idea how happy and proud I am of you that you’re doing this. Also, to echo Beth’s facebook comment, my a cappella group could seriously use some tenors too…so if you ever feel like being in A2, we’d love to have you! lol.

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