The Maddow Blog Caterpillars Remind Me Of My Own

Tricia, from The Maddow Blog (the blog connected to The Rachel Maddow Show), announced a little while ago that two Monarch caterpillars have been found and need names. It made me think of the time I raised Monarch butterflies — I had two of them as part of A.P. Bio my junior year in high school.

I named my caterpillar/butterflies Kylie and Jellybean (inside jokes . . . they seemed like good names at the time). They were beautiful butterflies. We were so proud of them. They started as little dots on a leave, and by the time they were released, they were fully grown, gorgeously orange Monarch butterflies.

The Maddow Blog’s Tricia decided on Maddowpillar and Lambchop for the caterpillars’ names, which I think is cute (Maddowpillar in particular). The blog shows both chrysalis and the fully formed butterflies, which is pretty special. Tricia, unfortunately, was at work while the butterflies hatched; I think I was actually able to watch mine hatch.

In a way, my caterpillars were a little like pets (I’ve never had more than fish) — we named them, cared for them, worried over them, encouraged them to grow. We anthropomorphized them a bit (we were teenage “parents” of Monarch butterflies). It was a really great experience.

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