My Dream Concert

My immediate reaction is that if I were to put together a perfect concert, it would absolutely need to have Ani, Dar, Babs, and Darren Criss. I thought a little more about what would really make it unforgettable — what would combine all of my favorite performances (not so much favorite songs, but favorite performances and performers), and I added a few more names: Kim (from the Night Owls, one of Bryn Mawr’s a cappella groups), P!nk, Cher, and ShinHwa (my childhood favorite Kpop group). I mean, if we could squeeze in Chris Colfer, Idina Menzel, NPH, and John Barrowman, that’d be fantastic, but I wouldn’t want to get greedy (you have to draw the line somewhere, after all).

Ani DiFranco puts on an amazing concert, for all that it’s mostly acoustic guitar. High-energy, intimate, very fun. Definitely “32 Flavors,” “Wish I May,” and “Not a Pretty Girl.” Maybe also a really early song like “Both Hands.”

Dar Williams — I’m such a Mawrtyr — how could I not include Dar? Also, I adore Dar; it’s not just that she means Bryn Mawr to me. “As Cool As I Am” would be completely essential. I love “When I Was A Boy.” She rarely performs “The Christians and the Pagans,” but it was my senior solo, and I’d love to see it. I really like “Terrarium.” Something from The Promised Land would be great, perhaps “It’s Alright”?

Barbra Streisand! She’s one of the real wish lists artists. I’ve seen Ani, Dar, and Darren Criss (I’m seeing both Ani and Dar again in the next fortnight). I’ve seen Kim perform so many times I’ve lost count (and loved it every time). But Babs, wow. I’m likely to never see her perform. She doesn’t perform often, and the tickets are outrageously expensive — which isn’t to say that she’s not worth it; I just can’t afford it. “People” is a classic. “Don’t Rain On My Parade” would be amazing. As a nod to my high school years (Hello Dolly! was our musical my senior year), “So Long Dearie” would be a lot of fun. And then something non-Broadway.

Darren Criss. Oh my Athena, I adore Darren Criss. He’s adorable, musically talented, and gorgeous. What more could a concert-goer ask? Definitely “Not Alone.” I really love his renditions of “Teenage Dream,” both the Warblers style one and his version. And “Hey Soul Sister” is so much fun. Also, maybe something from AVPM (other than “Not Alone,” that is).

Kim. I can’t say a whole lot about her because she’s not exactly Googleable (and that’s my big rule — no adding to people’s Googleability). However, she’s probably my favorite soloist from my time at Bryn Mawr. She has an incredible voice, stage presence, and charisma. Plus, she’s really genuine and a sincerely fantastic person (we had a seminar-style class together, as well as being at Bryn Mawr together for four years). “Apologize,” “Crazy,” and “Put Your Records On” most definitely. And then something of her choice, possibly “Right As Rain.”

P!nkI love “Raise Your Glass.” P!nk has some incredibly concerts, from what I hear (and see on YouTube) — she really puts on a show. I’m sure whatever she did would be amazing, but I really would want “Raise Your Glass.”

Cher is fabulous. Obviously, I’d want “Walking In Memphis” (I love it so much that it’s my ringtone, after all). Other than that, I don’t know that I care because really? She’s Cher. Anything would be amazing. But if I were to pick a few songs, “Believe” reminds me a bit of Bryn Mawr, I’m pretty attached to “Angels Running” because we used it in a one-act in high school, and “If I Could Turn Back Time” kind of goes without saying.

ShinHwa would be great. When I was in middle school, they were my favorite group. Attractive, musically talented, Korean — everything I wanted in a boy band. “I Pray 4 U” was one of my favorites.

Idina Menzel wouldn’t be utterly necessary (I’ve got Babs, after all, to cover Broadway), but it would be thrilling to have her sing “Defying Gravity.” And possibly to sing “For Good” with Kristen Chenoweth; I have a strong sentimental attachment to that song. For that matter, the original Broadway cast of RENT singing “La Vie Boheme” and “Seasons Of Love” would be unbeatable. I do love Broadway.

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