A Surprisingly Enjoyable Reunion

This afternoon, I shared how nervous I was about this reunion (my five-year high school reunion) with my friend — a friend who also happens to be the only other trans person I know of from our high school — and a group of other queer and trans people. It was good to have that time because even with that support, it took mental effort to get myself out of the car and to the reunion. Despite that, the reunion was surprisingly fun.

I carefully selected my outfit last night — black skinny jeans, pale pink button down, skinny black tie. I’m never sure how people are going to read me, but I decided that I didn’t really care because I like my outfit.

Admittedly, I was “she’d” tonight more than I have been in ages, which was a little disorienting, but that’s alright. There was a little bit of reminiscence, more catching up, and a lot of great stories. It was good to see people. It’s been five years, and I think we’ve all changed a lot, mostly for the better.

I had several interesting conversations. I talked with someone who actually met Paul Farmer (the visionary behind Partners In Health and the focal point of Mountains Beyond Mountains). I recommended The Revolution Will Not Be Funded to two people who may actually read it. I talked about top surgery (they asked; I didn’t offer). I even talked about trans stuff and the diversity of queer communities (and CeCe McDonald) with someone there.

Overall, I feel good about it. As I’ve said before, the people with whom I went to high school were nice people. It’s been five years, and I think everyone’s grown up a lot (including me). Some (most?) of them may be Catholic, but everyone was sweet to me. And a surprising number of them apparently read my blog (and thus presumably know I’m trans because it’s not as though I’m closeted about that on the blog anymore). All in all, I’m glad I went to the reunion.

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