The Sing-Off: I’m Cheering for the YellowJackets

Facebook alerted me today to the fact that the newest season of The Sing-Off has started. As I began to watch the show, the first thought that passed through my mind was that I miss a cappella so much. The second thought was that I’ve found my favorite group already — the University of Rochester’s YellowJackets.

And while I don’t really like the yellow blazers (it’s a bit loud for my tastes, although I think it’s a cute play on words), I’m a fan of the group. By the time they got to Kenya (well, really during the “we’re nerds” canoeing part), I was on their side.

The family (the Fannin Family) was sweet and sounded good. The group from Howard (Afro-blue) was also good. Unfortunately for them, I already have a favorite version of “Put Your Records On” — BMC’s Night Owls with Kim as the soloist — and it has a place in my heart that can’t even be dislodged by the original, let alone a random a cappella group. The group of women from former groups (Delilah) was clearly very talented.

The group that rapped (Urban Method) sounded great and was totally unique for what I’ve seen on The Sing-Off. The professionals (200 shows a year — the Cat’s Pajamas) were smooth, and I liked their pink shirts. I liked Kinfolk 9 — the “Hallelujah” on the porch was cool. It looked fun. The Mormon guys (Vocal Point) sounded good.

Really, there were all talented. I don’t necessary know that the Yellow Jackets were best, but I have such a thing for the all-male college a cappella groups. That’s usually the type I favor. Last year, too — my favorite group then was definitely the University of Oregon’s On The Rocks. Of course, I was biased on their favor to begin with because I think their version of “Hear You Me” is utterly outstanding).

There are still a number of groups left to perform; I haven’t seen the second episode yet. It’s possible that I’ll have a new favorite by the next time I watch the show. Still, it looks pretty likely that the YellowJackets will be favorites until they leave (or until they win; it’s too early to tell).

Also, as a fun side note, Sam Tsui is the new digital correspondent for The Sing-Off. He’s also put together a medley for the judges in his signature video style, and it’s currently on

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