Dar Williams in Saint Paul!

I adore Dar. And while I think that absolute best Dar concert is the Dar-at-Bryn-Mawr concert, tonight was pretty excellent (even though it was Dar and someone else). The first half of the concert consisted of Joan Osborne and then, finally, what I’d been waiting for all night — Dar appeared on stage. And she was her endearing, quirky, warm, exceptional self. It was a fantastic concert. 

At one point in the concert, Dar commented that we could make suggestions: I immediately called for “All Cool As I Am” (the quintessential Mawrtyr Dar song) and “The Christians and the Pagans” (my senior solo). I assumed she’d eventually play “As Cool As I Am” (or at least, I really, really hoped that she would), but I doubted that I’d actually hear “The Christians and the Pagans” because she doesn’t seem to play it in concert very often.

And then she played “The Christians and the Pagans”! I was shocked and utterly thrilled. She followed it with “As Cool As I Am,” and the night was complete for me. Dar played a number of other songs I love (of course, I love all of her songs), and they were terrific.

As much as I love Dar’s music, one of my favorite parts of a Dar concert is the rambling introductions to the songs. They just make the concerts seem so personal and unique — I’ve heard Dar sing “As Cool As I Am” four times, and each time, the intro is different. For others (“Buzzer” and “Spring Street,” for example), the heart of the intro is the same, but the story itself is a bit different. That’s something I love about her concerts: each concert is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even if I’d gone to the other stops on this tour (Chicago, Bloomington, Ann Arbor, etc.), they would be different experiences and tailored to the specific city.

3 responses to “Dar Williams in Saint Paul!

  1. *flail* Oh, how I wish I could have been there! I love Dar of course, but I love Joan as well, and seeing them together would have been WONDERFUL! I’m so glad you had a good time.

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