I Passed the Test: I’m a Real Employee Now!

At a little after 1:00 pm today, I passed my test at work! I’m now an actual employee. I suppose it’ll be more official once I’m eligible for things like the 401(k) plan, health insurance, and short-term disability, but I’ve now got my schedule for the rest of the quarter (1 – 10 pm, Monday through Friday), and it feels pretty real. 

I posted a month ago about starting the new job, but the past five weeks have actually just been intensive training. At the beginning of our training, we were informed that there was still a test to pass after the training — we would have a total of three attempts, and if we could not pass it, our employment would be terminated. Although I’ve been counting a lot on this job, there has been a small part of myself that worried I wouldn’t pass the test and thus wouldn’t have a job two months into it.

I’ve had two main concerns about the job itself, and today has helped me in working past both of them. Most immediately, I was nervous about passing the test. I was grateful for the self-defense class Wednesday night because it reminded me about ways to calm myself, and I definitely needed them today. Even more than that, I was really stressed about the potential of passing the test and thus instantly having to take calls all by myself, without any supervision. I don’t want to get flustered, tell someone the wrong thing, or submit a transaction incorrectly. I really don’t want to simply blank and fall to pieces.

However, I no longer need to worry so much about that! I passed the test. And beyond that, I took four calls by myself today, and they all went well. I was calm and courteous, sincere, and I gave people the correct information. I can do this.

One response to “I Passed the Test: I’m a Real Employee Now!

  1. Ryan – YES you really can do this and much more. You are an awesome person and your dad and I are so very, very proud of you. Love, Mom

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