Free Godiva Truffles

Each month, I get a free truffle from Godiva. You see, Godiva has a free rewards club, and members receive a complimentary truffle every month. It is a delicious way to spend, well, nothing.

Unfortunately, in order to get the free truffle, one has to actually go to a Godiva boutique. Depending on how far away the nearest location is, the travel may not be worth the truffle. I, however, work very close to a Godiva boutique (and there are two at the Mall of America, which means that before I starting working at my current job, I’d just have the truffle be an excuse to go to the Mall). Godiva makes excellent truffles, and it’s hard to beat not having to pay for them.

Open Oyster

Smooth Coconut Truffle

The Inside of the Smooth Coconut Truffle

Coconut truffle

Crème Brûlée Truffle

The inside of the Crème Brûlée Truffle

One response to “Free Godiva Truffles

  1. *mouth*watering*so*much*must*have*chocolate*now*

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