Alternatives to Columbus Day

Growing up, Columbus Day never really meant anything to me. After all, we still had to go to school, and don’t all real holidays grant us a day off from school? (Halloween doesn’t, I suppose, but it involves massive amounts of candy, and that’s pretty close.) I didn’t realize that today was Columbus Day until I noticed a bunch of posts on Facebook protesting Columbus Day with pictures like these:

Right, Columbus Day. Now I remember. To mark the occasion, I’ve compiled a brief list of links to articles and websites that protest celebrating Columbus’ “legacy of domination, oppression, and colonialism” (to quote Transform Columbus Day).

Transform Columbus Day

Telling the truth and community accountability on Columbus Day/Thanksgiving” from Racialicious

Indigenous Filmmakers Host Film Festival to Mark Brual Holiday’s Legacy” from Colorlines

Columbus Day Celebration?  Think Again…” from

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