National Coming Out Day Once Again

Well, it’s National Coming Out Day again (or so Facebook tells me), and a lot has happened in the past year. Most particularly, I’m now out as trans — I wasn’t quite ready to do that yet last year. In terms of coming out/transitioning, it’s been a big year. One of the best things is that I now actually have language for myself and words that feel comfortable to me. 

What shall I come out as this time? I’m trans. I also usually identify myself as at least somewhat genderqueer. I’m gay. I know I’ve said that before, of course, although now I generally mean it more in a gayboy sense than as a dyke thing (although that certainly has influenced me, and I still occasionally have moments — particularly at things like Ani concerts and while I’m watching The Rachel Maddow Show.) My friend just described me as “gayer than a bag of rainbows.” I’m also definitely still queer. Actually, I get confused when I try to think about what it would mean to be straight.

When I went to the Minnesota Trans Health and Wellness Conference this year, one of the workshop presenters was described as “queer, fabulous, trans masculine, and genderqueer with a femme sensibility.” And my first reason was that I totally wanted to meet the person because that little summary fits me excellently. Does that presenter mean it in exactly the same way as I do? Most likely not, but I still thought it was a great collection of descriptors (and one that I may borrow for myself).

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