Helping Students Living with Autism Speak with

Imagine having to navigate through life completely silenced; never being able to tell someone your opinion or communicate your needs. Many of my students living with Autism face this experience every day of their lives.

Mr. Cunningham, a teacher at Hearst Elementary School in Chicago, IL, created a classroom project at called “Helping Students Living with Autism Speak.” He has a class of thirteen students, all of them living with Autism, ranging from second through fifth grade. His project involves using the text-to-speech capabilities of iPod Touches with his students; he writes, “This technology will provide my students with the power of a voice; something many of us take for granted.” Unfortunately, this project will not affect these students’ lives unless the money is raised for the iPods. 

I admire how inspired the teacher seems to be by his students, as well as his creative ideas for using technology to assist his students. Please consider learning more about his project here and donating to it if you feel so inclined. I have already; I only recommend causes and actions on my blog that I have personally supported. There are options for donating via PayPal and Amazon if you don’t feel comfortable using a credit card on the site.

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