Rachel Maddow Explains Birth Control (Mitt Romney Doesn’t Get It)

First of all, either Mitt Romney just doesn’t understand how birth control works, or he actually thinks that the pill should be potentially be considered homicide. Secondly, Rachel Maddow is so much fun. Also, major props to the courageous Beth Schopis of Iowa, who actually called Romney out on the incoherence of his ‘I would absolutely support a personhood amendment, but I’m not against birth control’ position. 

So, I’m not quite sure how I feel about the “man cave” thing (check out the clip from The Rachel Maddow Show here). On the one hand, she’s really poking fun at the whole man/woman divide thing — it’s all tongue-in-cheek, not as though she actually believes that men watching her show need “the man cave” and don’t understand the process of human reproduction. And it’s hilarious. Phrases like “not-too-upsetting guide to down-there parts” is very TRMS. And she definitely clarifies how hormonal birth control works.

At the same time, a part of me does cringe about the female reproductive parts = women / male reproductive parts = men. And then she does this break to sports stuff in the middle. While it gives me this feeling of mocking the idea that men won’t pay attention without the sports  — and I love that she knows what’s going on in the sports thing . . . it just makes me feel a little weird.

On the one hand, I thoroughly enjoy Rachel Maddow and The Rachel Maddow Show. Part of me wants everyone to see the video (and the incoherence of Romney’s positions on the personhood amendment and birth control). On the other hand, I’m far more comfortable with reproductive ed that doesn’t gender the reproductive parts or the people who have them.

And just in case it wasn’t clear, Mitt Romney told Mike Huckabee that he would “absolutely” support a constitutional amendment that would define life as beginning at conception. That would not only make common forms of birth control (like the pill and IUDs) illegal, it could make them considered homicide. Think about that — if a fertilized egg would be considered a “person,” preventing implantation would be considered killing that person: thus, contraceptives that prevent implantation could be treated as homicide. That goes far, far beyond simply outlawing those forms of birth control (not that I think making birth control illegal would be anything other than outrageous).

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