The Barbershop: Finally Found Somewhere to Cut My Hair

I have posted more than once about my attempts to get a haircut. It feels like such a complicated process that I usually end up putting it off until my hair begins to look like a chia pet. The haircut almost inevitably seems to be more expensive than I really want to pay and/or be thirty minutes away from where I live (or further) — and then there’s the issue that I nearly always get misgendered, and that’s stressful as well. All of those other issues actually tend to feel more important than the actual haircut itself: as soon as my hair is shorter, and I don’t look terrible, I’m usually satisfied on that front. Today, I may have found my solution to my Minnesota haircut dilemma (the answer to the Chicago one would be to have one of my awesome haircut-competent friends cut my hair) through The Barbershop

I found The Barbershop online, and it seems to be my answer: it’s only a five-minute drive from where I live (unlike the Aveda Institute and Barbers on Bryant, both of which are in Minneapolis), and the haircuts are $11.50! It’s a pretty terrific deal. They even shampoo my hair and give me a hot towel, and the place is sectioned off in such a way that it’s almost like having my own personal room.

To be honest, I was hesitant about how it would go — the “for men” bit got to me a little; I was in the car for a minute trying to pull myself together in order to actually enter the shop, and I could just feel myself getting freaked out. I’m usually not completely positive how people are going to read me, but from the comments I hear, people generally still read me as female — and the place is explicitly “for men.”

I went in . . . and no one commented about my gender in any way. There were big leather chairs and flat-screen TVs turned to sports channels, which wasn’t really my thing, but that’s okay. No one questioned why I was there or told me I was at the wrong place, and that’s good enough for me.

All in all, it was a success. The place is close by, I didn’t need an appointment, the haircut was inexpensive, and I’m pleased with the results. As much as it was simultaneously thrilling and nerve-wracking to be referred to with masculine pronouns that time at the Aveda Institute, and I think Barbers on Bryant has a more traditional barbershop atmosphere, I am mostly likely going to stick with The Barbershop in the future for my Minnesota haircut needs.

3 responses to “The Barbershop: Finally Found Somewhere to Cut My Hair

  1. I was a Barber for 20 years! I can seeeee that it is well done. I have to look into that franchise b/c I want to open one in ILLINOIS.

  2. Out of curiosity, why dont you just buy a pair of clippers and do it yourself? (Although I guess thats a moot point now that you found a place).

  3. Well done. Though I didn’t see you when your hair is longer. I think that cut looks good on you.

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