Happy Lantern Night, Bryn Mawr

My lantern, from Lantern Night 2006

Bryn Mawr College has four major Traditions: Parade Night, Lantern Night, Hell Week, and May Day. Tonight is Lantern Night 2011, and that means that the class of 2015 is receiving their lanterns, complete with green glass panes. 

While we say that the Duck Pond Run makes one into Mawrtyr, there are many things leading up to Hell Week that are virtually essential to the Bryn Mawr experience, and Lantern Night is certainly one of them. At Lantern Night, the new students receive their lanterns — the lanterns that most Bryn Mawr alums treasure for the rest of their lives. Often a sign of having moved into a residence, lanterns hold places of pride on alums’ mantlepieces and bookshelves. The owl design of the lantern is turned into artwork, tattoos designs, pumpkin carvings. We are a fiercely devoted bunch, and we love our lanterns.

Lantern Night takes place in the Cloisters after dark, lit by lanternlight. Community is another crucial element of Lantern Night. The entire college can be involved with the Step Sing, and smaller groups of sophomores, juniors, and seniors are involved in the actual lantern-giving process, whether it be in the form of running the lanterns out of the frosh or singing one of our traditional songs (in Greek). Seniors can get tickets to watch from the roof of Thomas: I did my senior year, and it was amazing. Traditions are such special times at Bryn Mawr.

Happy Lantern Night, class of 2015! May you love your time at Bryn Mawr and cherish your lanterns as much I do mine.

Lanterns waiting for Mawrtyrs at Lantern Night 2008

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