Dar Williams: “You Are Everyone”

Dar Williams performed at Bryn Mawr my senior year. It was a wonderful concert; there’s always a special energy about Dar at Bryn Mawr. This is a video of her song “You Are Everything”:

I first heard “You Are Everyone,” from Dar’s album Promised Land, when she performed at the Minnesota Zoo in the summer of 2009. I love it. The line “You are everyone / I ever trusted, that never made a fool out of me” especially speaks to me.

When Dar was at Bryn Mawr, she mentioned certain friends with whom there’s “no sort of emotional political correctness, and . . . it’s a cherished thing.” And she’s right: that is something to be cherished. Usually, I try to at least pretend that I have things under control. And then around certain people, I can let that crumble, and just be an emotional mess, and they don’t judge me for it. I don’t have to pretend that I know what I’m doing, or that I know where I’m going, or that I even know who I am. As confused — and confusing — as I am, they just support me. And that is a cherished thing.

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