One Month Until Top Surgery!

Because top surgery is scheduled for December 9th, I have exactly one month until it happens! Technically, slightly less than a month, given that surgery is scheduled for far earlier in the day than it is right now. I’ve confirmed with my surgeon, I’m scheduled at the hospital, and I told my manager today at work that I will need to go on medical leave for surgery/recovery. I’ve posted before at what I thought was the three month mark and also when surgery was two months away (when I realized that I needed to reschedule). Now it’s down to one month. 

I feel as though I should say something, but I’ve really already posted most of my thoughts. I am too excited for words about the prospect of being post-surgery. I am a little apprehensive about the surgery itself, although I’m trying not to think about it (I imagine that my mom will likely worry enough that I won’t really have to). I’m trying to ensure that everything will be in order, in terms of payment, insurance, leave from work, and general logistics. I’m setting aside money every paycheck to pay for it. That’s basically where I am right now.

I know that I’m really, really lucky to be able to make surgery happen so soon. I am very aware that many trans folks don’t have this kind of opportunity, regardless how much they may want or need it. When I want for it to just be time already, or worry about the little details, I try to balance myself by remembering how incredibly fortunate I am. One month left!

3 responses to “One Month Until Top Surgery!

  1. Good luck, I am keeping good thoughts for you and hoping all goes well.

  2. Lucky, soon you can go around without a shirt on and you wont get arrested or glared at. Its legal in Washington DC for women to be topless, but obviously its not SOCIALLY legal….so I am still waiting for the day when it doesnt matter how your chest looks, you can still take it off at the swimming pool or beach. Ill be in Belize on the day of your surgery but Ill definitely be thinking of you and I hope that you have a speedy and uneventful surgery and recovery.

  3. Yes, your mom will worry enough for everyone but I am so proud of you and happy for you. I am lucky that you are my son. Love, Mom

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