Meeting Dar Williams (Live at the Ark)

Dar and me

Dar’s performance at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan was fantastic. Technically, it was billed as “An Evening with Dar Williams,” which meant that there wasn’t an opening act: it was all Dar. Wonderful. I went with two friends from Bryn Mawr. We stuck around afterwards to meet Dar, and it was super exciting. She was really sweet — she signed our CDs and tickets, took a photo with us, and chatted for a minute about Bryn Mawr. 

This was my fifth Dar concert, and although her 2010 concert at Bryn Mawr was my favorite, I’ve loved each concert as its own unique experience. For a few of the songs, I could tell from the intro which song she was going to sing, but that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the song or the story. I knew every word to some of the songs, and other songs weren’t familiar to me. There were even new songs from her upcoming album, which is about a “very blockbuster subject”: Greek mythology. Yes, that’s right. Dar is the type of singer who will write an entire album of songs influenced by Greek mythology (it’s one of the things I love about her music). Her music, her lyrics, her voice, her personality — all reasons why Dar Williams is one of my very favorite people to see in concert.

The song list:

1. Spring Street
2. The Easy Way
3. The Beauty of the Rain
4. The Buzzer
5. The Hudson
6. Teen for God
7. If I Wrote You
8. The Christians and the Pagans
9. The One Who Knows
10. untitled song from her upcoming album (in order to reference it, I’m calling it “You’re All the World To Me”)
11. Crystal Creek (also from her upcoming album)
12. As Cool As I Am
13. Calling the Moon
14. Midnight Radio
15. Mercy of the Fallen
16. The Babysitter’s Here
17. February

Dar signed my CD and a ticket for me!

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