Night and the Doctor (Doctor Who mini-episodes)


It may be worth purchasing the complete sixth season of Doctor Who in actual DVD form (as opposed to the cheaper, no-physical-copy version) in order to get the five mini-episodes that comprise Night and the Doctor. The Doctor in a tuxedo, plenty of River Song, little glimpses into the Doctor’s relationships with Amy and Rory — they may be tiny little video clips (emphasis on mini), but they’re wonderful. 

“Bad Night.” The Doctor: “You’ve got the serious face on. I always shout for Rory when you’ve got the serious face. Rory, she’s having an emotion!” Amy: “Why’re you calling him?” The Doctor: “It’s his turn.” I love interactions (implied or otherwise) between Rory and the Doctor.

“Good Night.” Amy: “We’re such tiny parts of your life, aren’t we?” The Doctor: “Amy, you are enormous parts of my life. And you are all I ever remember.” The Doctor saves the world constantly — he does such enormous, tremendous things — and yet his companions are always, always the most important to him.

“First Night.” River’s parents are asleep, so the Doctor sneaks out with their daughter, on her very first night in Stormcage (of 12,000 consecutive life sentences. Overkill much?). River’s diary finally becomes a diary.

River: “Put what in the diary? Sweetie, I’m in the highest security prison in all of the known universe.”
The Doctor: “River Song could walk in and out of that prison like the walls aren’t there.”
River: “I’m River Song.”
The Doctor: “Then you’ll be fine.”

“Last Night.” The way the Doctor calls River “dear,” and three River Songs (the mind races), and the older Doctor commenting, “No, River, wrong TARDIS, I’m parked round back.” And then the older Doctor tells the younger “spoilers.” The Doctor tells her “spoilers” — not for her first time, but the first time I can remember him saying it to her. One River is going on her first adventure with the Doctor since Stormcage, and another may be on her last adventure before the Library, (which would potentially imply that no future regeneration spends time with older River). Although, technically, they were only going to the Singing Towers of Darillium. It could be that they get sidetracked on the way there. “You’ll be the death of me.” A poignant end to the three and a half minutes.

“Up All Night.” Craig says that being a father is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to him (and frankly, that’s saying something, given that he’s been part of an adventure with the Doctor). I don’t love it as much as the first four, but it’s a nice intro to “Closing Time.”

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