“Harry Freakin’ Potter!” (AVPS Act 1, Part 2 is made of win)

Harry Freakin’ Potter” has been stuck in my head all day. I’m talking to someone about serious, work-type stuff, and I keep wanting to burst into song. StarKid is fantastic, and Act 1, Part 2 of A Very Potter Sequel may be ten of the best minutes I’ve ever watched on YouTube. Hilarious and also very cult classic. The Harry & Ron red vines scene is one of my favorite things, even though I’m not quite sure why (but I so wish that I could spontaneously reenact that with someone one day).

“Platform 9 and 3/4? There’s no such thing! You are the 700th kid to ask me that today, and I still refuse to believe that it exists” and “Sir! Listen, please, a bird gave it to me!” (because that’s totally going to make him take you seriously). The Polaroid camera is hilarious. And Mr. Weasley is so great — I was trying to think of something about Mr. Weasley the other day (the Darren Criss tumblrs love Harry Potter), and I realized that I was actually thinking of his “What’s a muggle? . . . He doesn’t know what a moogle is” and not of the book or the movie.  character.

Also, as much as I love Darren Criss, Joey Richter’s Ron is one of my favorite characters in the whole thing because he’s just so funny (he and Draco Malfoy — Lauren Lopez is brilliant — although Joe Moses’s Snape is also one of my favorites). Yes, Harry and Ron are often jerks, but that’s partly why it’s funny — it’s so over the top that it’s clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek. As TV Tropes puts it, “They run on Rule of Funny and Rule Of Cool almost exclusively, and definitely aren’t afraid to take Refuge in Audacity.”And the phrase “long ago they died” has never been funnier.

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