6 Months On T (and a New Video)

As I was driving home from work tonight, I realized that it’s been six months since I started on T! I haven’t done a video in a while (I didn’t know whether there’d be much of a difference), but I thought the six-month mark would be a good opportunity to record another. And so, without further ado, here it is:

As I started this post, I wasn’t sure whether my voice had changed very noticeably (it feels as though it hasn’t in ages), so I pulled up my most recent “__ Months on T” video, which happened to be at two months. That I could immediately notice a difference surprised me.

There are definitely some changes — to my voice; to the way I recorded the video (I’m not sitting so excessively close to the computer this time); to the fact that I’ve stopped attacking my eyebrows when I’m stressed, and so they actually are noticeable now. There are also things that haven’t changed. I still, for example, talk with my hands a lot. I still have a tendency to pause, say “um,” and sound less than practiced (likely because I don’t actually plan out what I’m intending to say before I hit the “record” button). I even noticed odd faces and gestures that I hadn’t realized I make.

Checking YouTube, I just realized that I actually posted a video at four months, the day after my best friend’s wedding. So, changes since then: I think my voice is a little lower. Eyebrows were visible then, good. Still hadn’t learned to sit away from the computer. I managed to not ramble quite as much this time. It looks as though I’m learning. Progress!

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