Weekend In My Favorite City

This weekend was my second trip back to Chicago since I moved away in April, and it’s been fantastic. I am exhausted; I needed to cancel my credit card this morning because a stranger has it; and I have to wake up at 4 AM tomorrow morning (and later work until at least 10 PM) — but it has been a phenomenal weekend. 

It has been a very short trip — fewer than forty-eight hours in total (although not my shortest ever Chicago trip) — but I’ve made the most of my time: I’ve seen some of my favorite Chicago people, and I’ve had some delicious food. Yesterday started with my favorite deep dish pizza at Bella Baccino’s. I wandered around with my mom for a bit, then dinner at Bistronomic and La Boheme at the Chicago Temple.

American Chamber Opera Company’s La Boheme was, of course, the reason why I’m in Chicago now. My best friend and her husband have put together a fantastic show, and I was so impressed by it. Everyone was very talented. It was funny, it was moving, and I enjoyed seeing the parallels between it and Rent, which was loosely based on La Boheme.

We headed to Blokes & Birds after the show, and I had my favorite drink, The Burnham & Berrow. I made a new friend who also loves Doctor Who. I had my first lemon drop shot, some yummy kind of infused bourbon, and green chartreuse for the first time. The downside is that my credit card went missing. Even so, it was a great night. After Blokes & Birds, we went to the Pick Me Up Cafe (24-hour diners can be a lot of fun). By the time I got back to my hotel, it was in the not-so-early hours of the morning. I love nights like that. There’s just something about getting back at three, or four, or five  in the morning that feels like Chicago to me, and it was so fabulous to be back.

I had brunch today with two of the most wonderful people I know (and my favorite dog in the whole world). My friend made apple-carrot-cucumber-beet-lemon juice (it was this gorgeous magenta color) — I think it was the first time I’d had fresh juice that was something other than citrus (or apple), and I really liked it. He also made banana-walnut pancakes and scrambled eggs with yummy stuff, and it was all delicious. Plus, it was brunch — I haven’t had brunch in ages, and I miss it. It’s been a fabulous morning — three of my favorite people in Chicago, all in one room (the dog being the third). Seeing them today and my best friend yesterday, as well as spending time in my favorite city with my mom (my favorite traveling companion) — it’s been a busy, brilliant weekend. I’m half asleep now, and I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow, but I am so glad that I’ve had this weekend. Being in Chicago just makes me happy.

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