David Tennant Reading Miki, a Bedtime Story

This video of David Tennant reading Stephen Mackey’s Miki is adorable. It combines beautiful illustrations from the story with David Tennant’s voice and scenes of him actually speaking into the camera. I think it’s intended for children, judging by the way Tennant introduces the story, but I still really enjoy it. 

As much as I loved Tennant’s Tenth Doctor voice, I also love his actual Scottish accent, which he uses to narrate the story. He uses different voices for the characters, and it’s something between hilarious and cute. For a little bit of sometihng sweet, check out the video:

One response to “David Tennant Reading Miki, a Bedtime Story

  1. I love his voice. that whisperyness, those rolling r’s. . . I could listen to that voice lull me to sleep forever. He’s recorded a handful of Doctor Who audio books, and I’ve got one, helps me out on those insomnia nights. (well, it would, because his voice is so lullingly lovely, but the story is great, so I want to hear what happens!)

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