Top Surgery Tomorrow

Last Day Before Surgery

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’re probably aware that I’m having top surgery tomorrow . . . and if you haven’t been, well, now you know. I am so excited for it to finally be happening. I am rather less excited about the whole hospital/surgery thing. I don’t have much experience with either of those. Still, it’ll be what it’ll be, and my family and friends have been fantastic.

Texts, emails, letters, phone calls, Facebook messages and comments, conversations in person — there has been such a fabulous amount of support and good energy regarding surgery tomorrow. My trans friends are thrilled for me, of course, but my other friends — and even less obvious people, like my Catholic grandparents — have also been really supportive. My parents are all set up to take care of me while I’m recovering. It’s been great.

There was one message with the sort of “you’ll always be a woman, you’ll regret this, return to God’s mercy and forgiveness” message that I’d rather been half-expecting to encounter from more people when I first came out (over a year later, this may be the first really overt case of that — have I mentioned that I’m really lucky?). Frankly, though, while I was just flabbergasted by it, the outpouring of support from other people — trans friends, friends from the Tri-Co, a new friend I met this weekend, someone I met at a conference two years ago, family, my childhood best friend’s mom — has been so overwhelming that it more than makes up for the distress caused by the original message (because even though I don’t believe any of that, I can’t help but be at least a little upset by it).

So, surgery tomorrow! I’m not entirely certain what exactly will be happening (in the sense that I was a baby the last time I had surgery, not in the sense that I don’t know what top surgery is), but I’m not too worried. I have my mom for that, after all. Plus, I’m feeling such positive energy coming from so many people that I can’t help but feel good about it. And, of course, I’m having top surgery. Tomorrow. In fewer than twelve hours.

4 responses to “Top Surgery Tomorrow

  1. Bless you Ryan! I will be holding good thoughts for you today and will check in with your mom on your progress. Love, W

  2. So excited for you! Best of luck and stay safe. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey!

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