Recovery: Day 1

So far, so good. Surgery went well yesterday. Everyone at the hospital was really nice. I realized this morning that it could’ve been a bad experience, but it all went really well. I kept receiving texts and Facebook posts until nearly the time I went in for surgery, which just made me feel so supported and cared for. My parents have been taking care of every little thing for me. They’ve been fantastic.

Last night, my mom was at my side every hour or two or three to give me a new pill, or take care of the drains, or do some other thing I hadn’t realized needed to be done. Seriously, super-mom of the decade. I haven’t had to worry about anything because she’s been taking care of all of it.

I’m doing well. I’ve slept a ton today, eaten a bit, watched some television, checked on Facebook. Mostly just figuring out how this recovery thing goes — I have no memories of recovering from surgery before (last time, I was nine months old), so we’ve been sort of figuring it out as we go.

3 responses to “Recovery: Day 1

  1. Hope all continues to heal smoothly Ryan. Take good care of your mum.
    Auntie Robin

  2. Wishing you a steady recovery Ryan. Take good care of your mum.
    Auntie Robin

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