Top Surgery Update (One Week Later)

I had top surgery last Friday, and so far, recovery has gone pretty well. I had a hematoma issue earlier this week, and so I went in for more surgery on Wednesday morning, but that went okay. There hasn’t been too much in the way of pain; the biggest issue has been the post-surgery compression vest, which is awful.

Seriously, the vest is driving me bananas. There are a couple of layers of foam under the vest, which makes it overly warm and makes me feel slightly slimy. It’s itchy and sticky, and it’s keeps bunching up and sticking out in odd ways. I can’t take a deep breath, and I can’t eat very much at a time because my stomach is all squished.

In  other words, it’s really uncomfortable, like a binder, except it goes all the way down to/past my hips, which none of my binders did. I also can’t take it off, even for a minute, even while I’m sleeping. Ugh. In the grand scheme of things, dealing with it will be worth not having to deal with binders in the future, but the next few weeks, it’s really not fun.

I am really looking forward to getting the vest off, not having to deal with the drains anymore, not being so tired, eventually being able to lift my laptop again and take a shower, and a number of other things that are currently not options. Complaining aside, things are going well. And in a few weeks, I’ll be much better, and it will all be so worth it.

One response to “Top Surgery Update (One Week Later)

  1. Major congrats on the surgery! Also, thanks for the pingback. I only just noticed it today.

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