Twas the Night Before Christmas, Doctor Who-Style

BBC America has a contest for the best Doctor Who-based version of the classic Christmas poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and fans have created some great poems. Of course, I always love it when people can write cleverly re-write poems and songs. There were two that were my particular favorites. 

My favorite was a story of River and the Doctor attending the Brigadier’s wedding, written by a Jamie C. It’s well-written, and I enjoyed that it is a story, not simply repetition of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with the Doctor instead of Santa. It ended, “The Doctor and River left without another word./Doris looked at Alistair’s face and wondered what had occurred./’Who was that man?’ she asked him as she smoothed out a hem. /’A wonderful chap,’ the Brigadier told her. ‘All of them.'” I liked the idea that the Brigadier recognized the Doctor.

My second favorite was written by an Amy W. It was a little closer to the classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” written from the point of view of an unknown person. The Doctor in the poem was clearly the Tenth Doctor. I loved the attention to detail, as well as the Doctor’s singular combination of glee (in the running and the “Allons-y!”) and loneliness (through his comments that he is “A story . . . Just a dream, nothing more” and “a traveler. Passing through”).

One response to “Twas the Night Before Christmas, Doctor Who-Style

  1. You have to love the BBC. We call her ‘Auntie’.

    Marie Marshall

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