Christmas Eve Dinner With the Family

Our ornament tree

For years, it’s been tradition in my family that we have my dad’s Swedish meatballs (and, generally, some kind of seafood, partly because I don’t care for Swedish meatballs) for Christmas Eve dinner. This year was no exception, and it was a delicious meal.

The festively set table

I made scallops this year!

Swedish meatballs

Our favorite potato dish

Cauliflower-Leek Puree

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Last, but certainly not least, my lovely mother made her now-traditional Yule log cake (which is actually a recipe from a cookbook  my grandmother gave me, Alice Medrich’s A Year in Chocolate). It’s basically the best Yule log ever — chocolate and hazelnut, rich and yet light. Delicious.

Mom and the Yule log

Aren't my mom's heels fabulous? She always has great shoes. I couldn't resist posting a photo.

Yule log

One response to “Christmas Eve Dinner With the Family

  1. Your holiday traditions are so nice! Apparently London’s family’s tradition is to go out for Chinese food, so we did that. 🙂

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