Free Doctor Who On iTunes

iTunes on Facebook has just alerted me to the availability of free Doctor Who on iTunes! “The Eleventh Hour” and something called “Best of the Doctor” (presumably the Eleventh Doctor) are currently available on iTunes through BBC America. You can likely find a link on the iTunes Facebook page

I love “The Eleventh Hour.” After “The End of Time,” I was having issues with with the mere idea of accepting anyone new as the Doctor, but Matt Smith managed to sneak up on me, and somehow, almost before I knew it, I fully believed he was the Doctor.

Plus, “The Eleventh Hour” has that gorgeous little Amy music (which is actually called “Little Amy” and “Little Amy: The Apple” — I received the Doctor Who: Series 5 soundtrack for Christmas). And, of course, “I Am The Doctor” (basically the Eleventh Doctor’s theme song), which I adore.

“Best of the Doctor” is also fun. It appears to be a combination of scenes from Doctor Who (the best of the Doctor?) and people talking about the show, similar to the “Best of the Christmas Specials.” It seems a little odd that most of the people commenting, while not completely random people (actors, comedians, etc.), appear to be from the U.S. (based on accent). There are, however, people like Mark Sheppard (he plays Canton Delaware, from “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Day of the Moon”), so it’s possible that more of them were on Doctor Who, and I simply don’t recognize them.

Anyway, Doctor Who! Two free episodes (well, one free episode and a free . . . commentary, plus scenes, from season five). Have fun!

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