2011: A Year In Blog Posts

Since I’ve been posting every day this year, my blog has, in some senses, taken the place of a journal for me this year. The highlights, the low points, the important decisions and processing to be done — nearly all of it has been recorded in some form or fashion. I’ve looked through my posts from this year and have seen how they have covered how 2011 has gone for me. This is the result.

January: I filed my legal name change paperwork and took part in TJLP’s first Name Change Mobilization (“Success at the Daley Center!“). I realized that I could remember a friend who had passed away two years before with a lighter heart (“Another Year Passes: Letting Go of the Grief and Guilt“).

February: I met Riki Wilchins, who was, at one time, the author/person I most wanted to meet in the world; GenderQueer: Voices From Beyond the Sexual Binary has been hugely influential to me, especially Wilchins’ essays (“Riki Wilchins Is My Hero“). I also went to a reception and reading of Queer (In)Justice, an excellent new book (“Meeting the Authors of Queer (In)Justice“), at which Joey Mogul and Andrea Ritchie both spoke.

March: I went to a conference at which there was a really great panel titled “Policing, Prosecution, and Punishment of LGBTQ People” (“I Just Hugged Joey Mogul“). I went to the protest in Madison (“Protesting In Madison“). I decided to (temporarily) move back to Minnesota (“The Hardest Decision I’ve Made: Moving Back to Minnesota“). I had my court date, which completed the legal name change process (“Legal Name Change! My Name Is Ryan“)!

April: I went to a prison for the first time, accompanying a lawyer from the law project at which I interned on a legal visit (“Today I Went To Prison“). I reflected on how my time in Chicago has changed me, for good and for the better (“Thank You, Genderqueer Chicago,” “TJLP: ‘I Have Been Changed For Good.,’” and “What Chicago Has Done For Me“). I started a temp job and adjusted to not being in predominantly queer/trans environments (“Culture Shock at Work: Leaving My Queer/Trans Bubble“). I dealt with not being in Chicago . . . or maybe didn’t deal with it (“Breaking Down The Facade Of Acceptance: Admitting I Feel Lost“).

May: I had my first May Day away from Bryn Mawr (“Missing May Day“). I sang on my beloved high school theatre stage once more (“Theatre For Life: Coming Home Again“).

June: I finally started on T (“Got My First Shot of T!“). I went to two big concerts (“Glee Live Was So Amazing!” and “Rihanna at the Target Center“). I also got involved with community efforts to support CeCe McDonald (“Support CeCe!“).

July: I shared my thoughts on starting T (“Starting T: What I’m Looking Forward To“). I started a new temp job and struggled with not knowing how to come out as trans, as well as being in an overall more conservative environment than my circles in Chicago (“The Hardest Battle Which Any Human Being Can Fight“). I dealt with a lot of uncertainty regarding my future job/city situation (“Life Is Like A Roller Coaster. And I Don’t Like Roller Coasters.“).

August: I created my first video to show how my voice has changed since going on T (“Two Months On T and My First Video“). I was offered a full-time, non-temporary job (“I Found A Job!“). I scheduled top surgery (“Three Months Until Top Surgery!“). I decided to write a book one day (“My Newest Discovery: I Want To Write A Book“).

September: I went back to Chicago for the first time since moving away (“Back In Chicago! (But Only Visiting)“). I started the new job, stressful as it was (“Starting My New Job Tomorrow,” “I Will Not Lose Myself At This Job,” “This Job Is Not Pisces-Friendly,” and “Gender and the New Job“). I went to my five year high school reunion (“Anticipating My Five Year High School Reunion” and “A Surprisingly Enjoyable Reunion“). I went to the concerts of two of my favorite artists (“At the Ani Concert: Ani DiFranco’s 41st Birthday in Minneapolis” and “Dar Williams in Saint Paul!“).

October: My best friend got married (“My Best Friend’s Wedding“)! I shaved my face for the first time (“My Dad Taught Me How To Shave!“). On a less happy note, I needed to postpone top surgery (“Top Surgery Rescheduled — Two Months From Today“).

November: I met Dar Williams at her concert in Ann Arbor (“Meeting Dar Williams (Live at the Ark).”

December: I hit the six-month mark for being on T (“6 Months On T (and a New Video)“). I went back to Chicago for the second time, this time for my best friend’s opera company’s “La Boheme” (“Weekend In My Favorite City“). I updated on my thoughts about my job (“Continuing Thoughts About the Job (Three Months In)“). I finally had top surgery (“Top Surgery Tomorrow,” “Surgery Date Is Finally Here!,” and “Recovery: Day 1“) — and now that the vest is off, I feel great (“Post-Top Surgery: I Feel Fabulous“).

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