Finally Back in Chicago

It has been exactly nine months since I last posted. During that time, a lot has happened. Most importantly, I moved back to Chicago a few weeks ago. Since I originally started this blog the first time I moved to Chicago, I decided that I should take up the blog again, now that I’ve moved back.

I’m no longer living in Wicker Park (now more Far North Side), and for the first time, I don’t have roommates. I love my new apartment. It’s a studio, but it’s separated so that I have separate areas for kitchen, sleeping, and the main room (as well, of course, as an actual individual bathroom). My mom helped me with moving (a million thanks to her), as did my dad for one of the trips (it took several trips). I’ve really enjoyed getting my apartment all set up.

I can already tell that the kitchen is always going to be my weak spot – I just want everything! I’ve added new items to my “if I won the lottery (even though I don’t play)” list: complete sets of Wüsthof Classic knives and All-Clad cookware, a KitchenAid standing mixer, a Le Creuset Dutch oven, Boos wooden cutting boards, a Vitamix blender, a Whynter SNÖ ice cream maker, a sous vide machine . . . well, it would be a long list. But I’m very pleased with what I currently have, and I’ve already started putting my kitchen to good use.

Anyway, I’m mostly set. My books are properly organized on the bookshelf; my computer is set up (although my printer isn’t connected because I forgot the cord); my clothes are all put away; all of my furniture is assembled; my kitchen is figured out. And, of course, my lantern has its place of pride on the top of my bookshelf.

I’ve started to explore my neighborhood. There’s a grocery store just two blocks away, and there are four bus lines and a train stop within half a mile of the apartment. I’m really loving being back in the city – it’s so great being able to go places without driving. I’m definitely more of a city person than a suburbs person.

And that’s pretty much it: I’m finally back in Chicago.

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