The Chronicle of Higher Education Owes Readers an Apology

Andrea Milne

“It’s like Christmas!” my roommate exclaimed with mock excitement, as she dumped a veritable boatload of mail onto the table this past Friday night. The day’s haul was mostly junk: the PennySaver, catalogues nobody asked for, and credit card offers galore. But lo! The most recent issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education had arrived! Christmas indeed!

Side note: yes, I get the paper version of CHE. It’s not my fault; it was a gift. Don’t judge me.

Now, it was a Friday night, and I’m twenty seven… so naturally I ran straight to my room, put on my pajamas, and tore off the plastic wrapper. “‘The Biggest Jobs Issue of the Year!?’ This is going to be a wild night!”

And then I saw the cover.

“Accused of Sexual Assault, Men Fight Back.”

This article had popped up on one of my newsfeeds once already that week…

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4 responses to “The Chronicle of Higher Education Owes Readers an Apology

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging, Ryan! It means the world to me!

    • Your blog is basically what my blog aspired to in its wildest, most far-off dreams. (And since I couldn’t get it to be the way I wanted, it turned into gushing over my favorite actors or something.) You are awesome; your writing is articulate and engaging; your politics and point of view are always trustworthy – your blog is basically the perfect blend of intelligent argument that relies on logic and facts and impassioned, interesting to read story. (It reminds me of The Rachel Maddow Show in that way! Except not a TV show, and I trust you even more than I trust Rachel Maddow.) I don’t think I’m saying this properly, which probably means that I need to go to sleep, but even if I didn’t know who you were, I’d reblog your posts and follow your blog in a heartbeat. And encourage others to do the same.

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