Oh, this blog has come a long way. I originally started this as a way to keep in touch with people — I’d recently graduated from college (Bryn Mawr College, thus the name) and just moved to Chicago.

Since then, however, this blog has evolved to the point where my original “About” section no longer makes sense. It is no longer solely a vehicle for updating people on my life. It has become a collection of thoughts — rants and rambles, memories and gushing over celebrities.

I’ve read that good blogs have a specific theme, a specific audience. And sure, I could do that — I could just write to my family and friends, or about trans issues, or transformative justice and changing society. I could write a blog about food or Bryn Mawr memories, about living in Chicago or Doctor Who. But why limit myself?

Ultimately, I’m writing this blog for myself. I choose my topics based on what matters to me, not based on trying to increase readership. And the same time, this isn’t an entirely private venture (otherwise, I would simply keep my thoughts in a journal). It is my sincerest wish for my blog that it starts conversations and makes people think about issues they hadn’t thought of before, whether that topic is prison abolition or David Tennant.

So, click around, and read what strikes your fancy. I hope you enjoy my blog; I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it.

*Also, to quote one of my posts, “please let me know if I’ve misspoken or said something ignorant. I may not enjoy being called out, but I appreciate it because it helps me to grow (and, y’know, to not be an ignorant privileged jerk — avoiding that fate is one of my main goals in life).”

3 responses to “About

  1. Really well written blog. I’ve subscribed. 🙂

  2. Hi there! Love your blog! I am working on a gender queer photography project and was wondering if you would be interested in perhaps more info on it, or even coming on board as a subject. If so, please contact me. I’m shooting for it through this next week. Thanks!

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