I love books. I’ve loved book as long as I can remember (according to my mom, probably since preschool, at least). And, I’m constantly referencing books and essays in conversation, and I never remember the actual quote of which I’m thinking, so I thought I’d toss up a list of books I highly recommend, if for no other reason than I enjoy making lists. But seriously, they’re great books. You should read them. Reading is awesome. Like these books. Okay, enough of that.


After listing the first several books, I realized that I should split the books into categories. These books are sort of my personal reading list for Gender 101/Trans 101.

Prison Abolition/PIC/Criminal Legal System

I really do read about more than just trans issues. Honest.

2 responses to “Books

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  2. Jackie Paulson 1966

    I love books too.. you should join goodreads, and Blogging for books. In blogging for books you choose a book to review and they send it to you FREE. I love it.

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